The city is a mass of canals and bridges. Organized as a city state more than a formal government, moving from region to region in the city can be quite a sea change. The area of Vengkok Proper could largely be described as a Horde city like OG. The citizens are all Vengkokian. Orcs, Goblin, Elves, Dwarves… they are relatively co existing. The river side city where the players have found a new home. A bustling port, with canals and old buildings that are in competition with the river and foggy and boggy land. Vengkok is build on top of an old ruin. The River Veng brings rich catches of fish and trade goods to the port. The port city is on the border of the cursed land known as Tala. Built on ruins – parts of the city are on both sides of the river, and the city is sporadic, with large area’s of ruin, and others with well ordered citizenry and typical fantasy city environments.

The players have settled in a run down hood called Stubbs Wharf area.

Stubbs Wharf
Velri Common
Velri canal
Brewers Piazza
Stubbs Shipyard

Veng RiverGoblin NoblesBrevik HiveCapto VermDolven Crossing


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