World Guide for Players

The CoDm is committed to creating a fun game. We are committed to opening up the game a little to new idea’s. Obsidian Portal is one example of how we want to make some change. We have a pretty good world story and starter plot in mind, we plan to embrace some player driven world and plot as well. We have some good stuff planned, and some of it is tricky – Obsidian Portal should allow us to track it all.

Module:: Scepter Tower of Spellgard (STS)- The module is a cool open ended world, its got some of that keep on the borderlands flavor that the codm’s want to provide.

So STS is the campaign. We plan to alter some of the backgrtound of STS, for instance the environment of the game will only slightly follow STS. The CoDM plans to unite 3 world types for the run.

- World type 1 is a ‘city’ environment. We call this “The Kirschbaum” (focus on non-tactical challenges and plot). The Kirchbaum will demand characters soft skills- insight, perception and streetwise to align with players long term desires and plot interests.

- The 2nd campaign theme will be “The Guirk” Sea legs theme. We plan to travel the world and use seafaring boats, and we feel we have to warn you of this upfront.

- The 3rd world type in our initial plan is a subtle little thing we are calling the “chris corey world”. We plan to, on occasion, aim for the heart in combat. We do not mind killing characters. We intend to keep you on your toes.

One thing we want to embrace is letting you develop a back story for the character and game world. The STS module requires that the players have individual quests that propel them to STS. The players will be required to design their back ground. The players must design homelands and backstories. Not much needs to be done before we meet up, but each players needs to have some of this detail available early.

General Prep themes::

Races :: POST RACE :: –
* Why do we have to get all biased?
The CoDm’s are determined to be post racial.
- Races are now more of an unidentifiable mutt races like star trek races. Everyone will have some sort of bumpy forehead, beard line or symbiotic being inside them. Pure strain humans are rare.
The Co-DM’s plan to embrace a number of fluff house rules… Meaning the PC can decide a few facts about race or world that become house rules .. one example.. purely for example… lets say that Dragons are extinct like in GoT or Krynn. The Players have heard legends about Dragons, but Dragons do not exist in the game world – maybe at the end of level one the players discover a quest that tracks what happened to dragons.. and after solving the quest The CoDM’s plan to give the PC’s the choice.. do we stick with no dragons or do we show the character an egg and bring them back.

Classes -

* We should hold to the norm of our group and welcome all classes, do we tell players that the divine classes will be challenged early in the game?

Backgrounds ans Themes -

* i dont know these well


Need to add the Voth stuff. How do we modify the land? How do we cut a hole into another world. How do we get to Vothfel. Ect.


We intend to have dead gods

Sovereign Host is the “authority” – it is the religion we work with.

Lore of the Land
Roll of Years
Coin and Commerce
Class and Station
Spell Plague

Spell Plague is our “Unraveling” event. The world is failing.. The spell plague is the vehicle for this plot line. The world is still unraveling people!!



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